27 Ekim 2014 Pazartesi

What I learned about being a blogger :)

Tamam uzun bir ara oldu, kabul. Ama bu uzun aradan ziyade bloggerın beni soğutması da söz konusu! Zira sürekli saçma sapan sorunlar çıkarıyor başıma. Şimdi de alan adıma geçişte sıkıntı yaşıyorum. Ayrıca izlediğim bloglar yine azalmış..vs.. Neyse direniyorum.
Bakalım tam dönüş yapmayı başarabilecek miyim?: )

Bloggerlık hakkında ne mi öğrendim? :)

- being creative, to not repeat yourself...
- to not postpone the life.. when you keep a diary, it tells you off that you skip things that is important to you and also, that the time flies!
- well, then we can also say that it taught me how to use time effectively.
- to strike up friendships with people, that you speak the same language with, no matter in which land or city. people with different interests, proffessions or positions, different perspectives..
- to look at the mirror.. not that I did not before but I'm sure you know what I mean!
- having a vision about how to express yourself. to find out your own perception and to convey them with words and pictures.
- being kind to other people and most important, to compliment! we all know that sometimes -even the closest friends- avoid to compliment, which is sad actually..
- that the information is endless and truth is relative. so, I have also learned to philosophize a little bit! 
- getting a goal and working hard to achive it

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